Jörg Siekmann

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We were a pretty rebellious lot of students at the Mathematisches Institut in Göttingen in 1969, and surely we would have never accepted the name of a professor or a director of an institute on our own publication  – whatever his involvement may have been. Remember: “Unter den Talaren Muff von Tausend Jahren!” In retrospect: pushing not only this a bit over the top, didn’t we?

Anyhow, although I have been more deeply involved in some of the papers of my students, which don’t carry my name than with those which do, the following presentation of my publications still keeps that distinction and only lists those with my name on it.

Since there are more than a thousand publications by now, I have tried first of all to recover and find as much as I could after all these years, and then to provide as much structure as possible, i.e. publications in journals, books, proceedings as well as internal reports and then recorded within time intervals.