Jörg Siekmann


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This website is still under construction and will be updated from time to time.

Jörg H. Siekmann

Current Projects

  • AdaptErrEx (Adaptation- Erroneous Examples)
  • CEDMM (Kulturübergreifende Analyse von Lerndaten im großräumigen multimedialen Lernen)
  • ISLALC (Intelligent Support for Authoring Semantic Learning Content)
  • MathBridge (MathBridge Education Solution)
  • SLN-2 (SaarLernNetz)

Completed Projects

  • ActiveMath EU (Active Math) with Erica Melis
  • ALoE (Online Learning with Erroneous Examples)
  • AMor (Adaptive Mathematik online Saar)
  • Argunaut (An Intelligent Guide to Support Productive Online Dialogue)
  • ATuF
  • DaMiT (Data Mining Tutor)
  • E-Cel
  • iClass (Intelligent Distributed Cognitive-based Open Learning System for Schools)
  • InterGeo (Interactive Geometry for Europe)
  • In2Mat (Interaktive Mathematik- und Informatikgrundausbildung)
  • LASAD (Learning to Argue: Generalized Support Across Domains)
  • LeActiveMath (LeActiveMath: Language-Enhanced, User-Adaptive, Interactive eLearning for Mathematics)
  • LearnLab (LearnLab)
  • Mathe-Brücke (Mathe-Brücke)
  • Mentor-2 (Mentor)
  • MIPPA (Mixed-Initiative Proof Planning and its Application)
  • MKM-net (Mathematical Knowledge Management Network)
  • MMiSS (MultiMedia Instruction in Safe Systems)