Jörg Siekmann


This are the students who obtained their doctorat under Jörg´s supervision, underneath is a list of those students who also obtained their “Habilitation”.

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[simple_tooltip content=’2003 | Hierarchical Contexual Reasoning | Saarland University’]Autexier, Serge[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1996 | The Design of Intelligente Agents | Saarland University’]Müller, Jörg[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1989 | Unifikation und Reduktionssysteme für Halbgruppenvarietäten | Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg’]Baader, Franz *[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1993 | Algorithms for Constraints in Deduction and Knowledge Representation | Saarland University’]Nutt-Wahlmann, Werner[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1985 | Algebraic Implementations in an Integrated Software Development and Verification System | University of Kaiserslautern’]Beierle, Christoph[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1988 | A Resolution Calculus for Modal Logics | University of Kaiserslautern’]Ohlbach, Hans Jürgen[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1999 | Equality and Extensionality in Automated Higher-Order Theorem Proving | Saarland University’]Benzmüller, Christoph *[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=”]Pischel, Markus[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1986 | Equality Reasoning Based on Graphs | University of Kaiserslautern’]Bläsius, Karl Hans[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1992 | Integration of Rewriting, Narrowing, Compilation, and Heuristics for Equality Reasoning in Resolution-Based Theorem Proving | Saarland University’]Präcklein, Axel[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1995 | Terminological Formalisms in Knowledge Representation and Database Systems | Saarland University’]Buchheit, Martin[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1986 | Assoziatives Diagnostisches Problemlösen mit dem Expertensystem-Shell MED2 | University of Kaiserslautern’]Puppe, Frank[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1990 | A Resolution Principle for  a Logic with Restricted Quantifiers | University of Kaiserslautern’]Bürckert, Hans-Jürgen[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2004 | Formal Methods for Real-Time Requirements Engineering | Saarland University’]Rock, Georg[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1988 | Completeness, Confluence and Related Properties of Clause Graph Resolution | University of Kaiserslautern’]Eisinger, Norbert[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=”]Ruggeri, Rosa[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1995 | A Unifying Logical Framework for Reason Maintenance | Saarland University’]Fehrer, Detlef[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2015 | Agentenbasierte marktliche Koordination von Wertschöpfungsnetzwerken | Saarland University’]Ruß, Christian[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2001 | User-Adaptive Proof Explanation | Saarland University’]Fiedler, Armin[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2006 | Transformations of Specifications and Proofs to support an Evolutionary Formal Software Development | Saarland University’]Schairer, Axel[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2003 | Intermodal Transport Chains: A Multiagent Systems Approach | Saarland University’]Funk, Petra[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1995 | Querying Knowledge and Data Bases by a Universal Description Logic with Recursion | Saarland University’]Schild, Klaus[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2001 | Examiner’s Report – The model of token money’]Furche, Andreas[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2010 | Granularity Analysis for Tutoring Mathematical Proofs | Saarland University’]Schiller, Marvin[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2005 | Flexible Kooperation zwischen Autonomen Agenten in Dynamischen Umgebungen | Saarland University’]Gerber, Andreas[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2004 | Multiagent Robustness: Autonomy vs. Organization | Saarland University’]Schillo, Michael[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1999 | Self-Adaption and Scalability in Multi-Agent Societies | Saarland University’]Gerber, Christian[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1988 | Computational Aspects of an Order-Sorted Logic with Term Declarations | University of Kaiserslautern’]Schmidt-Schauß, Manfred[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2010 | ACTIVEMATH – Generation and Reuse of Interactive Exercises using Domain Reasoners and Automated Strategies | Saarland Universitys’]Goguadze, Giorgi[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=”]Schupeta, Achim[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1987 | CONSAT: A System for Constraint Satisfaction | University of Kaiserslautern’]Güsgen, Hans-Werner[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2006 | Modellierung und Analyse individuellen Konsumentenverhaltens mit probabilistischen Holonen | Saarland University’]Schwaiger, Arndt[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1987 | Combination of Unification Algorithms in Equational Theories | University of Kaiserslautern’]Herold, Alexander[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1996 | Induction on Non-Freely Generated Data Types | Saarland University’]Sengler, Claus[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1987 | Zur Verifikation von modular zerlegten Programmen | University of Kaiserslautern’]Hohlfeld, Bernhard[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1989 | Logic Programming over Polymorphically Order-Sorted Types | University of Kaiserslautern’]Smolka, Gert[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1994 | Algorithmic Foundations of Terminological Knowledge Representation Systems | Saarland University’]Hollunder, Bernhard[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1990 | Simplification and Reduction for Automated Theorem Proving | University of Kaiserslautern’]Socher-Ambrosius, Rolf[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1996 | Human Oriented Proof Presentation: A Reconstructive Approach | Saarland University’]Huang, Xiaoxong[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2012 | Multi-Agent Communication for the Realization of Business-Processes | Saarland University’]Soto, Esteban Léon[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1999 | Theory and Practice of Hybrid Agents | Saarland University’]Jung, Christoph[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2001 | W-Ants – A Blackboard Architecture for the Integration of Reasoning Techniques into Proof Planning | Saarland University’]Sorge, Volker[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1992 | On the Representation of Mathematical Concepts and their Translation into First-Order Logic | University of Kaiserslautern’]Kerber, Manfred[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2006 | SimMarket: Simulation des Abkaufsverhaltens von Artikeln des Einzelhandels mit probabilitischen Agenten | Saarland University’]Stahmer, Björn Patrick[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1994 | A Mechanization of Sorted Higher-Order Logic Based on the Resolution Priciple | Saarland University’]Kohlhase, Michael *[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1993 | Logische Räume’]Steffens, Hans-Jürgen[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2000 | Model Generation for Natural Language Interpretation and Analysis | Saarland University ‘]Konrad, Karsten[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1988 | Structuring of Models and Reasoning about Quantities in Qualitative Physics | University of Kaiserslautern’]Struß, Peter[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1995 | Contraints and Modalities in Terminological Knowledge Representation Systems | Saarland University’]Laux, Armin[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1982 | Unifikationstheorie erster Ordnung | Universität Karlsruhe’]Szabó, Peter[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2012 | Authoring of Semantic Mathematical Content for Learning on the Web | Saarland University’]Libbrecht, Paul[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2009 | MENON: Automating a Socratic Teaching Model for Mathematical Proofs | Saarland University’]Tsovaltzi, Dimitra[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2000 | MASSIVE: Software Engineering for Multiagent Systems | Saarland University’]Lind, Jürgen[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2007 | Course Generation as a Hierarchical Task Network Planning Problem | Saarland University’]Ullrich, Carsten[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1990 | Transformation and Structuring of Computer Generated Proofs | University of Kaiserslautern’]Lingenfelder, Christoph[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=2000 | ‘TELETRUCK. A Holonic Multi-Agent System for Telematics | Saarland University’]Vierke, Gero[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1995 | Kooperative Mensch-Maschine Arbeit – Ein Modellierungsumsatz und dessen Umsetzung im Rahmen des Systems MEKKA | Saarland University’]Lux, Andreas[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1991 | Coordinating Plans of Autonomous Agents | Saarland University’]von Martial, Frank[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2003 | A Uniform Framework for the Formal Specification and Verification of Information Flow Security | Saarland University’]Mantel, Heiko[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1985 | Algebraic Specifications in an Integrated Software Development and Verification System | University of Kaiserslautern’]Voss, Angelika[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2003 | Proof Planning with Multiple Strategies | Saarland University | mit Erica Melis’]Meier, Andreas[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2010 | A Change-Oriented Architecture for Mathematical Authoring Assistance | Saarland University’]Wagner, Marc[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’2012 | A Model-Driven Approach for Organizations in Multiagents Systems | Saarland University’]Mora, Christián Madrigal[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’1984 | Ein mehrsortiger Resolutionskalkül mit Paramodulation | Universität Karlsruhe’]Walther, Christoph[/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content=’1988 | Theorembeweisen mit Rewrite-Techniken. Methode, Strategien und Vergleiche | University of Kaiserslautern’]Müller, Heinz Jürgen[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’2008 | MathServe – A Framework for Semantic Reasoning Services | Saarland University’]Zimmer, Jürgen[/simple_tooltip]



Baader, Franz Kohlhase, Michael
Benzmüller, Christoph Melis, Erica
Klusch, Matthias Schlechta, Karl