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Selected Publications – Jörg Siekmann
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Jörg Siekmann

Selected Publications


C. P. Wirth, J. Siekmann, V. Peckhaus, M. Gabbay, D. Gabbay: “David Hilbert, Paul Bernays: Grundlagen  Mathematik I”, Foundations of Mathematics I, bilingual 8-volume edition, 2016;  subsequent volumes to appear. grundlagen-mathe-1 BibTex
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S. Autexier, C. Benzmüller, D. Dietrich, J. Siekmann: “OMEGA” In: „Resource Adaptive Cognitive Processes“ , Springer Cognitive Technologies, Springer Verlag, 2010 978-3-540-89407-0_crocker_CoverRawData.indd BibTex
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